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Lessee shall pay the agreed rental in accordance with the kind of rental and at the prescribed times. For any delay in payment, Lessee must pay an additional sum of QAR 50/- for each day of delay in addition to the loss of funds at the rate of 5% monthly of the rental till such cost is completely covered. All the maintenance and service of the vehicle will be stopped until due payments are received. If the Lessee was late to pay the rental for more than ten days, Lessor shall have the right to redeem the car without notice, compelling Lessee to pay the rental and additional charges for the period of delay and the legally prescribed fine. Payment by credit card will endure a credit card fee, which is to be calculated by multiplying the amount of the charges by the percentage specified by the credit card companies. Payment by credit card shall grant Lessor the right to charge all rental allowances, Traffic Violations, repairs and damage charges, etc., and the whole rental value also in the event that the car was impounded, without the need to have an additional signature. Lessee shall drive the car in accordance with the traffic law and insurance Company's regulations and conditions, in addition to all law [...]
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